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SEEN takes a unique approach to how we address DEI

in the business of sports & entertainment


Authentic Relationship Building


Crossover Between Sports & Entertainment

SEEN creates a safe space for diverse and like-minded industry professionals to connect in meaningful ways.


We find there is often only “1 degree of separation” between attendees which helps avoid typical networking experiences, which often feels transactional and forced.

Industry lines are becoming increasingly blurred between sports, entertainment, media, and tech and entertainment.


By embracing the intersection of sports & entertainment, we attract a wide range of professionals and corporate partners who are all invested in eliminating the DEI gap.


Inclusion of Allies and Advocates for DEI

Closing the DEI gap in sports & entertainment is a monumental task that will not occur without the support of allies and industry advocates.

Allies and advocates are an important part of SEEN's community and their [presence/involvement/engagement] helps us build a more inclusive community that benefits everyone.

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Experienced Leadership Team

SEEN is organized and managed by a diverse and experienced group of sports & entertainment industry professionals.

Because we are the community we serve, we are able to effectively design memorable events and create opportunities for the greater SEEN community.

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