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     The SEEN Career Showcase is a virtual event taking place on Wednesday, June 21st granting highly qualified Black and Brown professionals the opportunity to participate in 1-on-1 interviews with key decision makers from some of the top organizations in sports and entertainment.


For this year's showcase, select candidates will be matched with companies based upon their experience and professional interests. Applying to the Career Showcase does not guarantee admittance to this year's event. 


How much does it cost to apply to the Career Showcase?

The Career Showcase is FREE to all applicants and accepted attendees. 

Do I have to attend the full 2 hours?

It is expected that candidates be available during the full 2 hours and each individual schedules their own interviews based on invites received from company representatives.

What types of roles will companies be looking to fill?

Each company will be looking to fill both immediate needs and grow their pipeline for roles from entry level to executive ranks, within a wide variety of departments.

How are candidates matched with companies for interviews?

SEEN will be matching candidates with companies based on their application and company needs. Once matched you will receive an invitation via email from each company representative to select your scheduled time on the virtual platform.


Candidates will be matched with companies that can provide unique growth opportunities for career advancement. By attending the Career Showcase, attendees are committing to completing each 15 minute interview they are invited to from company reps.

What's the application process?

Fill out a quick application form and submit your resume (5-10 min).

How should I prepare for the Showcase?

If admitted you have already been pre-screened for each company which means you should treat the Career Showcase as a series of first round interviews. We suggest after receiving interview invites, attendees do the necessary research on each company and their available roles. Attendees should be prepared to talk about their candidacy for roles that potentially fit their experiences and ambitions.

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